Rugged Tablet Cases Purchasing Guide

Rugged tablets are relatively expensive. However, why not spend a little more to protect your device? Robust, rugged tablet cases protect your rugged tablet from getting scratched or broken. Besides, some of the rugged tablet cases come with an integrated keyboard and a stand. A stand makes it comfortable using the device.


Benefits of Rugged Tablet Cases

  1. Durability

If you decide to protect your tablet hardware, it will last longer on the contrary to one with no cover. Choosing a durable material of the tablet case will determine how long your tablet remains in good condition.

  1. Anti-slip

A tablet with a case will be easier to grip as compared to one with none. It eases the handling of the tablet. Even with water on your hands, a good case should prevent the device from slipping.

  1. Screen protection

As a tablet user, you should choose a case that tightly fit your tablet. Covering every inch of the screen ensures no friction between the screen and any outer protects your screen from scratch, and therefore screen sensitivity remain as default.  Additionally, the protective cases for tablets provide shock absorption features against fall or any other impact damage.

black rugged tablet cases

  1. Heat and dust inhibition

The tablet case will go a long way in protecting your device from excessive external heat as well as dust. As much as you are working in harsh condition, you will feel good if your device remains clean.

  1. Beautifying your device

There are many designs of tablet cases. You can have several covers with different design color and use a model based on the event you attend. Anyone who knows you will think you have several devices, but in reality, you have one with different cases. Besides, if you are mindful about your appearance, then you would prefer to have multiple tablet cases.

You may not find it necessary to have a rugged tablet case until your tablet slips off your hands and fall on the floor. Nevertheless, you don’t have to wait until your tablet falls. It is essential to research on a case you want to purchase before you do. The following are factors to consider while buying rugged tablet cases;


Select the Right Case

Choosing the right rugged windows or rugged android tablet case can be challenging. Such is because your decision will depend on factors like color, pattern, and skin. You may pick a specific color only for it to have an unattractive surface or pattern. However, you need to pick a cover. So how do you choose the best about your specification?

  1. Cover

Covers come in two perspectives, one where the cap fits only the edges of the tablet and two where the cover protects the whole device leaving the camera and port cut-outs. Other covers can conceal the screen of the tablet and give a book look.

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These covers often offer the sleep and wake feature where when you lift the lid the screen it lights while you place it back the tablet sleeps. Additionally, some covers have an integrated stand that you use to put the tablet in an upright position. It makes the use of the tablet easy as you do not have to slouch over the tablet while watching a video or reading from it. Moreover, some cases come with an assimilated keypad that you can use to type long texts.

  1. Sleeve/envelope

Choose the right size of a sleeve concerning the size of your rugged tablet. You don’t have to buy a cover every time you purchase a new tablet. You can use an envelope you already had.

  1. Skin

Vinyl decals are laminated and placed on your tablet screen or back. They protect your rugged tablet from scratch but cannot protect against breakage. If you love to look stylish, then the vinyl decals can serve your fashion taste.


Dimensions of Your Tablet

Finding universal rugged tablet cases is easy. However, cases come in different sizes. It is essential to measure your device before ordering a case. You should put into consideration the description of your rugged tablet. Some of the specifications to put into thought include; model of the tablet, year of release, screen size, model number, generation of the device, and model of the case that can fit.


What Different Store Offer on the Same Case

Most times you will buy your device and tablet case from the same store to save time. However, limiting yourself to one store may prevent you from having the best. Researching another store will lead to more refreshing options about the item. You may find more affordable and quality cover as compared to the original cover.

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  1. Availability

Often you will assume to look for tablet cases in popular sites. However, the assumption can be limiting. There might be other sites that you can order from, and they deliver in the shortest time as compared to the popular site.

  1. Price

Always use Google to quest for the original rugged tablet producer to compare the cost against the store you bought the item. It’s important not to buy an item so expensive while another store sells it at a lower price. However, the cost of the cover may vary depending on the color and benefit that comes with the case.

  1. Quality

It is important to note that the quality of an item determines its price. If you want quality protective cases for tablets, then you have to invest more. A tablet case made with high-quality materials will serve you for long, but the price will be high.

  1. Shipping cost

Do you know shipping cost may exceed the price of the item bought? You would think to buy a rugged tablet, and its case all together will reduce shipping fee. However, in some instances where there is a third party seller, the devices will be shipped separately.

On the other hand, if you order the rugged tablet case from a foreign country, the shipping fee will be higher as compared to ordering from your country.  Regardless of where you order your piece, your shipping fee shouldn’t exceed the price of the case.

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When do You Purchase Your Table Case?

It’s advisable not to shop for protective cases for tablets on sales season. Most people want to grab the item at that time and therefore most store hike the price. Avoid black Fridays and Cyber Mondays as commonly known.


Where to Buy

The biggest store offers a variety of what you are buying. For instance, a store like Amazon will have many options of a tablet case as compared to eBay. The same applies to the price of the item. But on eBay and Amazon, the item can get prized higher than when buying from the actual tablet and case manufacturers like we at Rugged Sumo.


Take Home

The rugged tablet is engineered to withstand harsh conditions like vibration, shocks, drops along maintaining the ability to dust and waterproof. Ordinarily, most of these tablets are used for industrial and logical purposes. In essence, these rugged tablets are used by several or all people in a company in harsh conditions and therefore they need to be case protected. Rugged tablet cases ensure the safety of these tablets.

Nevertheless, choosing a tablet case depends on how much you want to protect your tablet. You may be working in harsher condition and may need to cover the buttons and camera too. Either way, choose a case on the dependence on your specification and requirement.

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