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Why Choose Our Rugged Android Tablet?


Multipurpose Design:

Sumo’s rugged android tablet is designed to have multiple scene applications which make it the best fit for you to sell to any industry.

Price Advantage:

We have our own factory and all the tablet is factory directory price.

Deliver Advantage:

We cooperate with professional logistics providers that we can deliver products on time.


Product We Made Before


7 inch HD Screen Android


QS805 identify the fingerprint


HR828 7 to 12 inch Tablet

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100% Reliable Product Quality

Dust IP Resistant

Also, these rugged tablet is IP65, this makes it difficult for dust to go into the tablet hereby making your work in a harsh environment not hampered.

waterproof tablet


Our Android tablet is designed to be waterproof. This implies that it can be used even in environmental or industrial operations that involves contact with water such as oceanography or used sea survey industries.


Our Rugged tablets are designed to MIL-STD-810G and are built to withstand significant shock and vibration.


FAQs for Rugged Android Tablet