RFID board

Everything You Need to Know About RFID Reader

What is RFID Reader?

RFID Reader is short for Radio Frequency Identification Reader,it is a function that collecting information from an RFID tag for tracking individual objects. The technology allows for the quick scanning of multiple items and identify the attributes of a particular product, even if the product is surrounded by several other items.

RFID tags do not replace bar codes due to their cost and the need to individually identify each item.

Who Need RFID Reader Function?

RFID Reader function has been widely use, such as:

  • Passports
  • Smart cards
  • Airplane luggage
  • Toll booth passes
  • Home appliances
  • Merchandise tags
  • Animal and pet tags
  • Automobile key-and-lock
  • Monitoring heart patients
  • Pallet tracking for inventory
  • Telephone and computer networks
  • Operation of spacecraft and satellites

Does Rugged Sumo Tablet Have RFID Reader Function?

RFID board
RFID board

Of course we have,our rugged tablet design for industrial use.  In our rugged tablet, we insert RFID reader board on it, to meet some industrial need, such as Warehousing, Airplane luggage etc.,

More detail about RFID reader, please check out on wiki.

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