Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet: What Does It Offer?

The latitude 12 rugged tablet is not just anybody’s device. From its size, performance, durability, user-ability, price, Battery life and many other features, this device is different from the normal tablets. There are some who call it “the military-standard rugged tablet” due to its abilities.

Among all the durable tablets, latitude 12 rugged tablets are designed to pass through all the tormenting treatments that are bound to destroy any consumer-grade rugged tablet. Honestly, 12’ latitude tablets are designed to get bashed, dropped, stepped on, or hit by some external elements but remain alive. It’s designed not to share its glory with an average tablet. Below are details to get you up to speed on what latitude 12 rugged tablets are made and meant for.

  1. Performance

First, this latitude 7212 rugged extreme tablet runs on the Windows 10 operating system. For quality performance, our Rugged Sumo latitude 12 tablets are powered by Intel Core M processor, 8 GB RAM, 512GB ROM and the storage can get expanded up to 256GB using a micro SD.

With such a system, at no time will you complain that this tablet hanged. You can run several browser tabs, stream some video, playback track music, and control your industrial equipment all simultaneously without any strain. 

Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

  1. Design

We are not going to sooth you here, these rugged Windows 10 tablet devices were designed to survive in tough conditions. For that reason, they are bulky enough to look like small briefcases. They are the biggest rugged tablet you will come across unless you need a rugged laptop. They have strong rubber blocks on their edges which contribute to extra size but essential for protection.Do not get scared anyway; these latitude 12 tablets weigh 3.6 pounds and measures about 12.4 × 8 × 0.96 inches.

At the back, this heavy duty tablet has two batteries that ensure longer life while out in the field. Below the HD screen, there are several buttons you can use to control the functionality of these tablets. For example, there are volume control buttons, a rotation lock button, windows control button, and 2-3 programmable buttons.

Lastly, they are fitted with a stylus which is tied to one corner to help you operate and touch the screen efficiently and effectively.

  1. Security Wise

With the present day data theft, unauthorized access cases and malware issues, with latitude rugged tablet your data is safe. These devices come installed with a fingerprint reader at the back which makes your device biometrically secure.

On the software setting, latitude 12 rugged tablet motherboard is made secure using a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). With this TPM 1.2 security, you can have your data encrypted. Such will ensure no phishing or external access can tell what your data is all about. Lastly, you can have some password keys and screen patterns to help secure your data from external access.

Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet


  1. Why is it Durable

There is a genuine reason why the device is referred to as latitude 7212 rugged extreme tablet. During our manufacturing process, Latitude 12 tablets are passed through serious/rigorous testing to make sure they are made stable for extreme weather and working conditions.

If you’re looking for a heat resistant tablet, latitude 12 can work effectively at –ve 20 degrees (cold) and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (hot). They have some inbuilt quad cooling fans that ensure even at high temperatures the processor and the whole tablet does not get overheated. You can use them in the rain, and they will work just fine.

When this device was passed through 15MIL-STD-8110G standard testings, they were all certified. The screen display is made of Gorilla Glass that is bragged to survive a 3 feet fall.

  1. Quality touchscreen and Display

Although latitude 12 looks intimidating by its rugged body, it HD 11.6 (1366 × 768 – Pixel) screen made of Gorilla Glass is just but amazing. If you work at a construction site out in the desert where the sunlight is intense, you do not have to worry about screen clarity. On the 11.6 inch screen, you will see clearly.

The screen is a multi-touch one that can display 63.7% of the sRGB color spectrum when measured using a colorimeter.

Even when wet, whether you are working in an oil rig or out in the rain, the screen will respond perfectly. For those who work with gloves always, the latitude screen has you covered. It responds even when touched using some gloves.

Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

  1. Ports and cameras

Port-wise, latitude 12 has its ports hidden under some rubber doors. Anytime that you need to connect your HDMI, USB or micro SD; you will first have to pull off the rubber door. The rubbers are made with some HZO waterproof coating which ensures no water or any corrosive liquid can get into your device.

All this headphone, microphone, security card, HDMI, or micro SD card ports are found on the sides. The USB ports are of 3.0 types.


On the back side (rear), there is an 8-megapixel camera with an excellent flashlight option. You will take a right and clear shot you need in the field and analyze them well if need be later.

The front camera which is mostly used as the device webcam comes in 2 megapixels. Its selfies are just amazing, and you will not get disappointed.

  1. Battery Life

Latitude 12 is among the best-rugged tablet you will have out in the field. Latitude 12 tablet is a monster of its own that can survive all day long in the field without power issues. The latitude 12 runs on dual-swap cell batteries which are removable.

When out in the field, you will not have to worry about your battery dying. Even when needed to work on webcam and Wi-Fi connection, the 2 batteries can pull along the whole day. 

Hints To Get Up To Speed with Best Rugged Windows Tablet

  1. Optional Keyboard

If there is anything you need to type fast, and you are out in the field with only your latitude 12 rugged windows 10 tablet, a keyboard can help. External keyboards are available, and they do configure very well with our 12 latitude tablet.

  1. Audio ability

Latitude 12 tablets are fitted with 2 stereo speakers at the back which produce some impressive sound. If you need to play something in the field for your fellow workers must listen, you do not have to worry. The speakers are loud enough to an extent they can fill a standard conference room.

  1. Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are also available on latitude 12 rugged tablet. If there is anything, you need to catch up from the office while in the field, the Wi-Fi connectivity keeps you appraised.

Lastly, the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity accepts connectivity with other devices anytime you need to share, receive or send some audio or data.

Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet


If your job revolves around outdoor working, maybe in construction, quarry, oil rigs, military basements, engineering or extreme production sectors, you need a portable but well-protected tablet. latitude 12 rugged tablet IS made for extreme working environments. From their durability, performance, battery life, display clarity, and security wise, they are made for optimum performance at any given time.

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