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Windows Android dual system rugged tablet

Make Your Own Brand with Rugged Sumo

At Ruggedsumo, we provide rugged tablet OEM and low volume manufacturing service to support your business. Our international team of engineers will communicate and cooperate with you to meet you needs. Like different inch of android and windows system tablet.

If you’re ready to start your rugged tablet business, please feel free to contact us.

Why Rugged Sumo?

As rugged tablet maker, we drive deep into this area for over 10 years.

We insist on product quality as our core competitiveness,  and keep it at the reasonable price range.

We have over 200+ happy customer from over 13 countries.


Wanna to Start Your Own Rugged Tablet Business?

We Are Here!

Things to Know Before Cooperation

As a rugged tablet supplier, we have seen too many cases of success and failure.

To start your rugged tablet business, we recommend you don’t buy too much rugged tablet at the first time, although this is good for us.

Most client success due to they know how to calculate the return on investment,that makes them business getting strong.

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