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Enable Cost-effective Rugged Tablet Wholesale and OEM Solution

At Rugged Sumo, we provide cost-effective windows and android system rugged tablet for tough field & industrial use, support wholesale and OEM service. Our professional team of engineers will communicate and cooperate with you to meet you needs, whether you want to wholesale rugged tablet or want to customize your own brand of rugged tablet. If you have a need for our rugged tablet,  welcome to contact us today for a quote.

Those products are customized for our client, send us quote about the system, inch, function, then you can get the price and result also.

Why choose Rugged Sumo?

Well, we have been in business for over ten years producing and satisfying the needs of our customers with our brands and cooperation cases, our customers’ rapport is top-notch because we respond to customers’ order very fast and also, we reduced the price by 30% when compared with another product of the same grade.

Our location is at Shenzhen. We also have been involved in not less than three businesses that pertain to for seven years. We provide the best choice for a three-proof tablet if your business needs one.


Natalia Ferrin

Finding a rugged product is not very hard, but it is too difficult to have a good after-sales service. Ruggedsumo is the only supplier that allows me to get after-sales protection. We have a very happy cooperation. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the Best support